Half way through

Half way through my first alphabet set and I am loving it. I am so excited every day to see what I can come up with. Both the pressure of knowing I need to execute my concept and knowing that what ever I post/create I have made progress in developing my skills. I have decided to be more open with my progress by sharing on Facebook and my deviant art page. Please comment I would love to hear what people think both of the drawings themselves and my progress.


  1. novelsandnarwhals wrote:

    I think these are so fantastic! When you are done you should totally make this into a poster and sell it. I love them.

    • admin wrote:

      Thank you so much! I am having a blast doing them. I will let you know if I decide to print posters.

  2. amilttgccv wrote:

    Love it. You are very talented.

  3. Lisa wrote:

    Love them!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the alphabet!!

  4. Ruth wrote:

    I love it, and as a huge potterhead, I am impressed and proud of how truly talented the fandom (especially you) is!!!! Great job in coming up with all of this also, and also in creating the characters with your own personal flare, it shows your great artistic talent!!!!! I am actually very jealous of you, as I’m like Hermione and can’t draw!!! (hahaha starkid reference) anyway, great job. I found this through mugglenet.com, a Potter fan site, where your work was featured in an article, you should check it out, and be proud of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin wrote:

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I had no idea I was on mugglenet, I have been a huge fan of that site for ages. I am extremely flattered to have them notice my drawings.

  5. Lisa Wiley 리사 wrote:

    With permission I’d like to use this in my classroom in South Korea! Amazing work!